PiOTD #1 Joem


I was 21 years old when I decided to look for my luck here in the Kingdom of Bahrain. One of the Arab country who’s starting their week from Sunday to Saturday. So no one hates Monday in here. (If you got what I mean.)

I am an Office Assistance/Management Account In Charge of a Restaurant and a Chocolate Shop for 5 years now. But I started as a sales assistant for a year, before i got the designation.

At first, I thought every thing was just easy. Just a month of adjustment will do might be. Because I was like thinking that, working outside my country is just about adventure and pride. But I was wrong, It was more than that. Kinda far from my expectation. Culture shock and home sickness was been rolled into one. I wished that I am just a “Manananggal”, who can divide my body into two so that, I can be in two places at the same time. One is back home and second is here in Bahrain looking for a living.

But what to do? I need to prove something, for my self and for my family. There is no chance of quitting anymore. I just need to be strong and be more closer to God.

I am the youngest in the company, I need to be tough, for them not to discriminate me. I need to be flexible in order to prove my ability. Mostly, I need to adjust and accept the expat life in order to survive.

Fortunately, for just a couple of months, i’ve able to adjust. I am enjoying learning some basic arabic words. Feel proud recognizing some arabic dishes and sometimes crave for it. Used to ride in a 500fills or 62.50 pesos bus fare, wherein we can roam around the country for one day, hop from mall to mall and can take a lot of selfie with different view at the same time. Sounds fun, right?

But what do you think about eating inside a mall toilet during ramadan season? Sounds disgusting but believe me, I tried that. Ramadan is a month of fasting for Muslims, eating in public is prohibited. I was hungry, so all I have to do is to hide and eat and there is no other place to hide, but only in the toilet. I ignored all the distraction and focus with one thing, which is to satisfy my hungry stomach and I made it. Twas unforgettable. It teaches me the lesson of survival.

I feel comfortable in any ways later on. Im lovin the winter, Understand their culture and religion. Leaned to manage having fun while staying focus at work. There are flows but happy moments and fun are there too.

Working miles away from my family makes me more responsible. Working with different walks of life makes me a better person because I assumed that my action can be one of the description of my country.