Welcome to Halohalo.ph!


From our home of 7,101 islands, we Filipinos have spread throughout the world in search of a better future and, ultimately, ourselves. Halohalo.ph will reflect our life experiences through drawings, photographs, songs and dance and all the myriad ways we express ourselves.

Just like its delicious namesake, the popular Filipino dessert of shaved ice, milk and various sweets, Halohalo.ph will be a veritable collage of colorful narratives of our diaspora.

My experience as the official blogger for Moleskine left me with a profound love for documenting life as it happens–in our homes and streets, our humble neighborhoods and the great cities of the world.

From this sharing, it is my hope that Halohalo.ph will become a repository and a virtual community from where we can all draw lessons and learn–beyond time, beyond distance–of our Filipino selves wherever our quests may have taken us.

Armand B. Frasco
Chicago, USA
January 1, 2016